No-Holes Tub Washing Machine

SHARP Biomimetic


Sharp No-Holes Tub washing comes with several great features. Its key features are hygienic wash, water saving and gentle to the cloth. Apart from No Holes tub technology, Sharp also apply nature inspired technology to its pulsator. The application helps to increase washing performance even in a large laundry capacity.

The design of the pulsator inspired by dolphin fin and humpback whale bump head. Both dolphin and humpback whale are incredible marine creatures. One of unique character of humpback whale is their unique bumps on its head and its fin which has aerodynamic abilities to them. Meanwhile dolphins are graceful, sleek swimmers and able maintain a highly efficient way of swimming over a broad range of speeds.

Biomimetic Technology Application

SHARP BiomimeticSHARP Biomimetic
SHARP Biomimetic

Dolphin Inspired Pulsator

Applying the shape of dolphin’s fin to the pulsator has created a strong water flow by reducing the water friction resistance, thereby neutralizing the increase motor load due to enhanced water flow.

SHARP Biomimetic

Whale Bump Head Inspired Pulsator Screw

Applying the pattern on the whale bump on its head to the pulsator screw at the center of the dolphin inspired pulsator create a cyclone rotation to increase the washing ability.


Biomimetic Technology Benefit

With nature inspired, the cleaning power is improve without increase in power consumption. Wash a full load of machine without worrying the increase in energy consumption . It also can increase in cleaning performance, produce cleaner and hygienic cloth.