SHARP Biomimetic


Refrigerator is an essential kitchen appliance. Sharp refrigerator are equipped with Plasmacluster ion generator to keep food fresh for longer and circulating clean air through the refrigerator compartment. A perfect refrigerator not only keep food fresh in a clean environment but also saves energy. Although it has J-Tech inverter operation to help with the energy saving, Sharp always think a step further to improve its refrigerator ability in energy saving. One of it is improving the degree of door sealing which further lead to energy savings. Sharp refrigerator door parts is similar looks to a scallop shell.

Biomimetic Technology Application

SHARP Biomimetic

Scallop Shell Refrigerator Door

The degree of door sealing is enhance while maintaining pillarless structure when scallop shell is applied to the mating surface of the door. The packing on the mating surface of the door is tightly sealed by the force of a magnet and the inside of the refrigerator room is sealed, but there is a very small gap in the other parts than the packing to prevent wear of the parts. Although there is a slight gap like the conventional product, the shape is not a straight line but an uneven shape where fine waves engage. Being uneven means that the distance is longer than a straight line. For this reason, the air resistance increases, and it becomes difficult for the outside air and the air in the refrigerator to move back and forth.


Biomimetic Technology Benefit

As a result of adopting the uneven shape of the scallops for the door parts, the air resistance of the mating surface is increased and the degree of door sealing is higher than conventional products. It is difficult for outside air with heat to enter the refrigerator, and at the same time, it is difficult for cold air in the refrigerator to escape to the outside. This has led to a reduction in power consumption.

SHARP Biomimetic

Scallop is a common name that is primarily applied to any one of numerous species of saltwater clams. Most species lie on sandy beds, and swim off when touched by a starfish or other predator. Scallop has a semi-circular ridged shape to the shell. The shell of a scallop consists of two sides or valves, a left valve and a right one The valves are similar, and fit closely together to make a tight-fitting shell providing protection from predator.