Terms And Conditions of Local Warranty


Unless otherwise stated herein, the warranty period of all SHARP products shall be one (1) year only.

  1. The warranty is valid in Singapore Main Island only.
  2. Washing Machine
    1. a. Two (2) years warranty on parts, labour & transport, with ten (10) years on the material cost of motor only for product purchased on or after 01 December 2020 except for models indicated under point (b) below.
      1. b. Two (2) years warranty on parts, labour & transport, with ten (10) years on the material cost of motor only for below listed washing machine models purchased on or after 01 April 2022:
      2. ESX705










      3. c. Lifetime warranty for lint filter cloth only for below list washing machine models purchase on or after 14 Feb 2023:
      4. ES-G70G





  3. Five (5) years warranty on the material cost of air-con compressor only.
  4. Ten (10) years warranty on the material cost of dryer motor only.
  5. Two (2) years warranty on parts, labour & transport, with ten (10) years on the material cost of refrigerator compressor only for Refrigerator product purchased on or after 15 December 2020.
  6. Portable Air-con comes with 1-year compressor only.
  7. There is no warranty for Mask, Bicycle products.
  8. Three (3) years warranty on parts, panel, labour & transport for LCD TV product purchased on or after 1 August 2020.
  9. Pixel Policy – The LCD screen is manufactured using high precision technology. Due to the complex nature of the manufacturing process, the screen may have cosmetic defects that appear as (bright, dark and color) dots on the screen. This does not impair the performance of the LCD monitor and is not considered defective in the LCD industry.


A) This warranty is void in the following cases:-

  1. The product is not ordinarily used for domestic purpose.
  2. Any part of parts therein is or are removed, modified, repaired by any person or persons not authorised by SHARP.
  3. The product is damaged by accident, improper installation, lack of reasonable care, misuse or any manner of tampering, fire, lightning, or Act of God.
  4. Installation to wrong AC supply voltage or subjected to abnormal voltage supply.
  5. Consumable components which are of any expendable nature and use of consumables which are not originated by SHARP and/or recommended by SHARP for use exclusively
  6. Modification of DVD player to other/multi region code which differ from player's original specification.


B) This warranty does not cover:-

  1. External parts, such as panels, doors, body, cabinets, dented, corrosion, rusting or stains, scratch or normal wear and tear.
  2. All accessories, such as 3-D glasses, filter, mask, ice maker, trays, turntable plate, trivet, hose, remote control, AC adaptor, batteries, karaoke mic, IC card, software, cable, modem, optional computer ROM and RAM modules and consumables, such as ribbon, correction tapes, print wheels and other option items are excluded from this warranty.
  3. For Washing Machine:-
    1. a. Cost of labour and transport for replacement of motor after the Two (2) year warranty period.
  4. For Air-con/Refrigerator:-
    1. a. Cost of labour and transport for replacement of compressor after the warranty period.
    2. b. Cost of re-charging refrigerant or gas.
    3. c. Cleaning and replacement of the filter.
    4. d. Installation, wiring and plumbing by dealers/contractors will not be covered by this warranty.
  5. For Facsimile/Telephone/Cash Register
    1. a. Defect arose as a result of the SHARP product being operated or maintained other than in accordance with the operation  manual supplied with the product.
    2. b. The defective telecommunication lines and/or defective telecommunication equipment, which are connected externally to the SHARP product.
    3. c. Cash register programming will not be covered by this warranty.
  6. For Microwave oven/Air Purifier/Portable Audio and Small Home Appliance product    
    a. Cost of transport for onsite service
  7. One to one exchange for display set purchased.


C) For LCD Projector, the warranty does not cover cleaning and replacement of filter.

D) For PPC and FAX

  1. If Buyer fails to comply with any provisions of any sales agreement for purchase of the product or fails to use parts or consumable components (other than throughput materials) supplied by SHARP, this warranty shall thereupon immediately cease to have any effect.
  2. If the product or any part hereof is moved from the original installation site or the premise without SHARP's prior written consent, this warranty shall thereupon immediately cease to have any effect.
  3. If the product is purchased through leasing or finance company, under any leasing agreement the warranty shall be applicable to the first lessee user only as if the lessee user purchases the product directly from SHARP.
  4. The liability of SHARP (if any) shall be limited as set out in above Clauses and SHARP shall not under any circumstances be liable in contract or tort or otherwise for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential sustained by reason or anything done or omitted or by reason of the negligence of any person or otherwise.
  5. Save as otherwise expressly provided in this Certificate of Warranty, all or any guarantees or warranties express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise are hereby and negatived. No express or implied warranty is given by SHARP as to the merchantability, fitness or suitability of the product for any particular purpose whether such purpose is known to SHARP or not.
  6. Consumables such as toner, developer, drum, cleaner blade are not covered under this warranty.
  7. Thermal transfer tax, thermal fax and inkjet fax warranty do not cover ink cartridge, power supply unit, cutter, print head, rubber parts, paper.


The terms and conditions of this warranty shall be limited as contained in this document and no other representations, terms, conditions or provisions either written or otherwise shall be accepted as adding to or subtracting from these terms or conditions.