Hair Dryer

SHARP Biomimetic


Sharp hair dryer is known with built –in Plasmacluster ion generator to care for hair and has various mode button with different temperature setting to make your hair shiny and healthy. Sharp Plasmacluster hair dryer series also produce a strong airflow which derived from the fan blade inspired from the swift bird. One particularly distinctive feature about the swift is their high-speed wings which allow for extremely fast flight.

Biomimetic Technology Application

SHARP Biomimetic

Swift Wing Inspired Fan Blade

Swifts, the fastest bird in horizontal flight. The fan shape that follows the wings  increase the fan rotation speed creating a high-speed wind.


Biomimetic Technology Benefit

Applying biomimetic technology to the fan blade of hair dryer makes it deliver stronger and further airflow to the hair. It help to dry hair faster and reduce of thermal exposure to the hair.

SHARP Biomimetic

The swift is a fast-flying and distinctive bird with long, curved wings. Swifts spend their life almost entirely on the wing and even feed, sleep and mate in flight. Their legs are so short and their wings so long that they are unable to take off if they are placed on the ground.