Air Purifier

SHARP Biomimetic


Sharp air purifier is well known its Plasmacluster ions, the same type of positive and negative ions that occur in nature. This proprietary Sharp technology purifies air and it has been proven safe to human even high concentration of ions. Sharp air purifier produces high concentration ions and has three-way airflow control louver to deliver the ions. To effectively deliver the high concentrated ions, Sharp creates a fan inspired by ladybird wings. The large bulging shape of the front wing change the speed of the air flowing above and below the wing, creating a pressure difference and generating a strong upward force to float the body in the air. The rear wing, in response to that force help to fly farther.

Biomimetic Technology Application

SHARP Biomimetic

Ladybird Wing Inspired Sirocco Fan

The bulging part, which resembles a ladybird’s front wing, generates a strong upward force that causes the body to float in the air. However, since the fan is attached to the main body, it is converted not into a strong upward force but into a force that strongly pushes the wind outward and a strong wind is generated. By connecting a smooth curve imitating the rear wing to create a sufficient wide air part, more air can be carried over a wide range with the strong momentum.


Biomimetic Technology Benefit

Sharp air purifier three-way airflow control louver is to effectively deliver high concentration ions over a wide area. By controlling the flow of air in the room, the area of the high-concentration ions can be expanded. However, increase in blowing direction from two to three directions means the air volume must be increase accordingly. This was able to achieve with a ladybird-shape sirocco fan. Sharp air purifier is able to deliver strong airflow and Plasmacluster ions spread to a wider area.

SHARP Biomimetic

Most people like ladybird because they are pretty, graceful, and harmless to humans. Ladybird are high-mobility insects and explore broad areas by switching between walking and flying. Ladybirds have an excellent wing transformation system which their long, transparent wings fold under their bright, spotted wing cases, or elytra, when they’re not in use. The wings, after all, are much larger than the black-spotted wing cases they fold down to fit inside.