3.6m² Car Ion Generator IG-NX2E-B Compare

Plasmacluster ion density 50,000

Quick clean mode to remove odor and smell

Pm10 dust catcher filter 

Specification Car (-)
Colours Available black
Power Car Adapter
Rated Input DC 12V
Rated Output DC 5V (Max 2A for 2 ports)
Operation Mode Low, Med, Turbo
Power Consumption 0.6W, 0.8W, 1.4W
Ion Density (approx.) cm³ 25,000, 50,000, 90,000
Operating noise level (dB) 18, 25, 33
Outer dimensions (Upper) mm 78 x 76
Outer dimensions (Lower)mm 65
Outer dimensions (Height)mm 165
Weight (g) 295
Capacity applicable for high-density plasmacluster 3.6m³